Illustration by Dian Permatasari, layout and design by Bonni Rambatan

Sola suffers a permanent curse that makes her appear ugly. Her life is full of insults and disgusted looks from people. The only place that accepts her regardless of her looks is the theater extracurricular – Teater Hawe. When the theater is threatened to be dissolved due to lack of members, Sola will fight to keep it alive. The only one who fights with Sola is Yasha, the handsome and popular. His membership in the theater is the school’s big mystery. Perfect. Too perfect when he’s also nice to the outcast Sola. Sola doesn’t buy it. She believes someone who is truly kind must not be as handsome as Yasha.

Even though it looks like an ordinary city, Gandaloka keeps a big reserve of magic. Magical beings called Demit have lived there for a long time. They live among humans, in their human forms, following the human lifestyle. They befriend, avenge, and fall in love, just like humans. “Magical Tales of Gandaloka” records their stories.

Uti edited “Stay Ugly” as one of the five novels released simultaneously under the shared universe of “Gandaloka”, an intellectual property initially created and owned by NaoBun Project. As the co-creator of the Gandaloka universe, she also served as a lead editor for the other three novels and wrote one book in the series.

Writer: Kahlui
Publisher: Clover
Year: 2019
Language: Indonesian
Genre: Teenage urban fantasy
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